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Today, is it possible to have an intelligent conversation about Vaccines?

CDC warns flu vaccine does not match the virus hitting children especially hard

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‘The CDC is actually a vaccine company’ – Robert F. Kennedy Jr

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Six of 10 Vaccines Studied Increase Mortality

Robert Kennedy Jr.: CDC Is A Privately Owned Vaccine Company

Infant vaccination rates plummeted during the lock down, so why did INFANT mortality rates also plummet to historic lows?

Next Time You're Called A "Crank" Or "Flat Earther" On Concerns About A 'Rushed' Coronavirus Vaccine, Show Them This

Striking Decline of Premature Births and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome During Covid-19 Pandemic - Related to Decline in Maternal Vaccinations and Fewer Infant Vaccinations due to Lockdown? Data seems to suggest so

“The countries with the lowest Infant Mortality Rate were those that administered the fewest vaccines within the first year of life. They discovered that the US, which administers the most vaccines, had the highest IMR.”

“An additional fact identified by the investigation reported in the article is that the number of premature births in the US had also increased in recent decades. The discussion...about SIDS indicated that babies born prematurely are particularly vulnerable, but nevertheless receive the standard series of vaccines at the same ‘age’ after birth as babies born at full term.”

From “What Really Makes You Ill” by Dawn Lester and David Parker. P. 145.

More on vaccines and SIDS:

IMR study:

“Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?“ by Neil Z Miller and Gary S Goldman (2011).

Out of 34 countries analysed, the US had the highest infant mortality rate. Not sure whether this was organic data or whether they were specifically looking at countries with better rates than the US. 34 is a weird number to choose and there are 195 countries in the world (161 with lower IMR than the US)

America - Most vaccines administered of the 34 countries analysed but with the highest IMR?

“Despite the United States spending more per capita on health care than any other country, 33 nations have better IMRs. Some countries have IMRs that are less than half the US rate: Singapore, Sweden, and Japan are below 2.80. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ‘‘The relative position of the United States in comparison to countries with the lowest infant mortality rates appears to be worsening.’’