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5G Networks - Is faster better?

5G Cell Phone Technology -- Is Faster Really Better?
By Lydia Dixon


We have become dependent on cell phones very quickly and many wonder how we managed to survive before we had them. The phones have had internet/data connectivity generally available since around 2005 or so but the new 5G technology currently being rolled out is different from what we now have and is starting to look like a devil in disguise.


5G stands for “fifth generation” of cell phone technology. Most cell phones now operate on 3G or 4G/LTE technology but 5G will be like those systems on steroids.[1] The problem is that cellular systems push RF-EMF (Radio Frequency ElectroMagnetic Fields) into our bodies and brains 24/7 regardless of whether we use a cell phone or even own one. RF-EMF has been already been proven by many studies to be harmful to human health and the environment. We could face more serious health problems with 5G than we now have with the current 4G system. [2,3]


5G needs a much denser network than our current system, meaning many more cell towers of all sizes all over the place. The fact that these things have NEVER been proven safe is cause for alarm.[4] More than 180 scientists and medical doctors from 36 countries are recommending a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G until potential health issues have been investigated by experts who are not being paid by the telecommunications industry.[5]


Government agencies such as the FCC and CDC that ought to be looking out for our best interests seem to favor the telecommunications companies. So far there is nothing that proves 5G is safe and it appears that the American people are guinea pigs in this experiment. Remember that we were also told that tobacco smoking, DDT and other pesticides were safe and now we know that is not true. Are we going to allow something similar with wireless? [2]


You may not hear about any possible 5G dangers on the TV news due to the extensive corporate control of the US media.[6] In 1996, former President Bill Clinton signed into law the Telecommunications Act, taking away the right of any community to refuse placement of cell phone towers due to health reasons.[7] Cities and states that attempt to use health concerns to prevent cell tower placement can actually be sued. [8, 9]


It appears 5G is already full speed ahead for rollout in some urban areas, maybe as soon as later this year. Communities need to get informed about this now so they have time to decide how to approach the upcoming mandatory invasion of 5G antennas and towers.









7 Peter M. Degnan, Scott A. McLaren & Michael T. Tennant, “The Telecommunications Act of1996: 704 of the Act and Protections Afforded the Telecommunications Provider in the Facilities Sitting Context,” 1997.



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