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Welcome to the birth and growth of the 'City of Health' Forum.  Each week people write articles about various health related subjects for a column in the  'Sentinel' newspaper in T or C. This forum is a way to discuss these issues, add information that was missed or to express a different perspective.

We invite and desire discussion on these issues. It is important to remember that each person knows something we don't and NO body knows it all. Our intent is to help our community and our City/County become a place where Health and Well Being is a top priority.

There should be no question that the overall health of our population is in decline, we hope to discuss the many factors that contribute to that somber fact.  We have gone from 'First do no harm' to 'First make a profit'.

"It is a simple fact that if you eat American-style food, you will die an American-style death,don't expect to escape from the biological laws of cause and effect.  --- Joel Fuhrman, MD, in Cholesterol Protection for Life