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Limiting chemicals/EMR promotes health and tourism

This is a Letter to the editor 11/9 Sentinel

   20+ years ago when I first came to Truth or Consequences, I met many people who lived here because they were sensitive to environmental chemicals and electromagnetic radiation. They chose Sierra County because it was less contaminated with environmental toxins than other places they had looked at.

   I meet far fewer of them these days. As our environment becomes more and more contaminated from toxic chemicals (Glyphosate) and electro-magnetic radiation (cell phones and Wi-Fi) there is a growing need for areas that have low levels of these contaminants, sanctuaries for people who can no longer tolerate the levels where they live. Consequently, our ability to minimize these contaminants and publicize the levels would be a growing economic resource. Direct marketability.

     As the 'City of Health' we need to consider adding a cleaner environment to the growing list of healthy advantages of this community. Building around the historic use of the Hot Springs we need to focus on those attributes which contribute to this perception. The city has already addressed the issue of light pollution, our ability to see the stars and will soon vote on the issue of noise pollution that needs to be addressed on the ATV issue, if that becomes a problem.

     Anything that we can do to increase our image as a place to find refuge from the ailments of our increasingly contaminated world will add to the bottom line value of our county and attract health conscious individuals.

     It is not only a good thing to do for our own health and that of our children, but will put money in our pockets.