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The Jury is in – Glyposate, a serious danger to Health

     Glyphosate, better known as Roundup, is probably the most popular herbicide in the world. Herbicide kills plants and in this use is targeted at weeds. Weeds are any plant that is not supposed to be there. The patent expired in the year 2000 and consequently it is on the market as many different products. Primarily it is said to be used on agricultural crops in order to eliminate weeds. Weeds in agriculture choke out the designated crop and compete for the nutrients in the soil.

     For years there has been a heated discussion whether the benefit gained by using this particular herbicide is outweighed by the increasing indications that it is very toxic to humans and other life forms. There have been many scientific studies showing the dangers to public health and life in general which have been offset by other studies, many paid for by Monsanto. This discussion also begs the question as to the validity of many scientific studies as money is often given for specific results.

     This year was a landmark legal case which determined that the disease, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, was caused in the plaintiff by his use of Roundup while working as a landscaper. The jury's verdict and subsequent award to the plaintiff was granted after much evidence was presented to the court on the dangers and consequences of exposure to Roundup. Too many people, the evidence was overwhelming against its use and the dangers to health.

     Recent studies have shown contamination just about everywhere. They have even found it present in mothers breast milk. Another study recently (attached to the city of health forum) showed that in many children's breakfast cereals there was more dry glyphosate than vitamins.

     Much of the gluten sensitivity can be attributed to the fact that many farmers have learned that if Roundup is sprayed on a crop just before harvest, it enhances the maturation, drying and harvesting of the product leaving heavy residue.

     It also seems that the use of this herbicide inhibits the plants ability to uptake iron and magnesium, thus depriving these food crops of many needed nutrients. It also has a negative effect on the biology of the soil, decreasing productivity and nutritional quality. Most farmers, when asked what they grow, will name the specific plant, when in reality the farmer is growing soil and using the plant to harvest the nutrients. Much the same way a ranchers livelihood is from growing grasses and harvesting them with cows. This misconception accounts for many of the agricultural problems we face.

     Two key problems caused by glyphosate in the diet are nutritional deficiencies, primarily minerals and systemic toxicity. Glyphosate is probably "the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in westernized societies. Roundup causes extreme disruption of gut bacteria, microbes functions and life cycles. What's worse, it preferentially affects beneficial bacteria allowing pathogens (bad bacteria) to overgrow. More and more it is being seen as a contributing factor to the increasing numbers of autism cases.

     The jury is in and Glyphosate is really bad for our health. Since most of our food is contaminated to one degree or another, the question is no longer the choice between food that is contaminated versus food that is not contaminated, but to be able to choose those foods which are least contaminated. This has become clear in recent tests and lawsuits around mislabeled contaminated organic food.

     Glyphosate/Roundup is used in municipal and household week control which contributes to the overall contamination of our environment effecting both people and pets.

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Anthony Samsel gave evidence to the California Environmental Protection Agency on 07/06/2017 to advise them on the safe levels of glyphosate. He wrote:

“There are no safe levels of glyphosate. Glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid and analogue of our canonical amino acid glycine and participates in plant and animal biology. One microgram of glyphosate technical acid ( N-phosphonylmethyl glycine) contains 3.561 trillion molecules each capable of integrating with a protein altering shape, folding and function. I am a US scientist and hazardous chemicals materials consultant and expert on the subject of Glyphosate. I am one of few people to have received all of the Monsanto’s trade secret sealed studies on glyphosate from the US EPA. The federal agency supplied these documents in excess of 100,000 pages to me under the FOIA with special consideration for my research into this chemical. I now have six peer-reviewed papers on the subject of glyphosate and several more papers on the glyphosate in progress, a short list to some of these studies links are appended. The full series of peer-reviewed glyphosate papers may be found at ResearchGate in the author file under Anthony Samsel.

I call on the California Environmental Protection Agency to immediately ban the chemical glyphosate based on the latest scientific research conducted here in the USA. Glyphosate has recently been found to integrate with structural proteins as well as animal i.e. human enzymes that include digestive enzymes pepsin, trypsin and lipase as well as lysozyme.”

After some technical details he finishes the document:

“The fact that glyphosate integrates with human enzymes should be reason enough to ban this chemical completely. There should be no glyphosate or glufosinate in the food supply nor in drinking water, air or soil. Glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid that should have no place in biology. We are but one biosphere, what affects one affects all.“

Kind regards,
Anthony Samsel
Research Scientist / Consultant SEAPHS Samsel Environmental and Public Health Services
P.O. Box 131 Deerfield, NH 03037 603-463-3762