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Electromagnetic radiation, EMR, is not good for you.

     The higher the frequency, the stronger the signal and the higher number of sources, the more deadly it becomes. Over the last decade, this electronic smog has been growing. You can't see it and you can't taste it, but it affects us every day.

     There are two types of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. Ionizing and Non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing goes from extremely low frequencies to infrared and can be broken down into non thermal, thermal and optical. 0hz. To 950 Terra Hz.

     Low frequency radiation has been linked to miscarriages during pregnancy, leukemia, breast cancer and skin, insomnia, thrombosis, damage to DNA, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, neurotic disorders, depression etc.

    Thermal radiation can be found in some radio frequencies and microwaves. Depending on the intensity and duration, it will cause severe burning. In many countries microwave ovens are banned for their negative effect on the food cooked and radiation leakage.

     Non-ionizing radiation in the optical band covers infrared, visible and the lower ultraviolet frequencies used in heat lamps and tanning booths. These frequencies carry their own health problems primarily dealing with harm to the eyes and to the skin.

     As we increase the frequencies we began to enter into the world of ionizing radiation. All ionizing radiation is dangerous and has direct effect on our bodies and our DNA. These frequencies began with ultraviolet, and go through x-ray and gamma rays as the frequency increases.

     Ionizing radiation is a form of radiation with sufficient energy to remove electrons from their atomic ormolecular orbital shells in the tissues they penetrate (Bork 1993). These ionizations, received insufficient quantities over a period of time, can result in tissue damage and disruption of cellular function at the molecular level. Of particular interest is their effect on deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA).

     With the introduction of cell phones (4G technology) and the Internet Wi-Fi, (1 to 300 GHz, microwave) our world continues to become more contaminated with ionizing radiation. There are levels of radiation (very low) that are considered acceptable to lifeforms. There are those in the sciences who caution exposure to all ionizing radiation and there are others who will try to tell you, like vaccines, they are completely safe and generally have an economic interest in seeing them proliferate.

     It is generally accepted that the higher the frequency of the radiation and intensity . . . the more danger to health. The studies show the detrimental effects of high level radiation, especially ionizing.

     The question for the 'City of Health' . . . how much is enough? How much speed do we need?

     We have a number of Internet providers that are broadcasting radiation throughout our community, do we need more and can we be reassured that these new antennas will not increase the levels and frequencies of radiation? One of the new providers seeking permission to radiate into our community is Verizon, a provider and installer of the new 5G technology. 5G is the next level of cell and Internet connection in a higher wattage and frequency already shown to be many times more dangerous than 4G. It will provide the Internet of things so that your garage door can talk to your house thermostat . . . something we can all do without considering the health costs.

     A city with acceptable (low) EMR limits, checked, enforced and published becomes a factor in choosing a minimally contaminated vacation spot. The residents are happier and certainly healthier, further reducing health care costs. Some communities have gone over to hard wired and/or fiber optic distribution.

This video is one of the best I have seen on the overall health effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation.

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