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by Shelby Schue

This article is meant to bring a fuller understanding of FOOT REFLEXOLOGY.

Our bodies are a wondrous thing and our feet certainly reflect that through mirroring the body. I would like to share what I have experienced over the last 48 years practicing REFLEXOLOGY. Why would one want to have a REFLEXOLOGY treatment or work with their own feet? Well, for numerous reasons; firstly, there are over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, all relating to everything in the body. As we know, EVERY part of our body is connected to the whole! So, as these points on the feet are worked, the blood is sent along neuropathways, or zone lines. These areas are supported through the blood, which takes over, the internal areas relax, and all is helped to come into homeostasis (or balance). It is a true, proven, unique science and so direct and simple. I love to see people working on their own feet for various challenges!! There is never a time when REFLEXOLOGY cannot be applied and it is such a safe way to help oneself or another. There are those who feel immediate results, while for others, it may take longer. By applying pressure to the kidney zone on the foot, for example, eye problems as well as kidneys can be relieved; or a shoulder issue can be helped by working the hip, knee, and lower spine nerve pathways. The feet are the first to springboard in propelling the entire body forward. All people are affected through having sound feet, the young, older, sports-minded, and those who just want a healthy life. Whether a tired back, headache, sinus issues, digestive, structural, urinary, liver, hormonal, etc., these areas can all be helped to be brought into balance. This trade can be used as a preventative as well as an on-the-spot helper. REFLEXOLOGY is not a massage!! The reflex points are very specific. I do not diagnose, but can give people a good idea of where the challenges may lie.

For me as a therapist, my fingers have gotten so much more sensitive. Sometimes I work deeper, sometimes lighter, depending upon the individual.

Here are a few testimonials:

I was a newcomer of reflexology, until a few years ago when I had a session with Shelby, just out of curiosity. I was amazed at how my reactions to her touching specific areas of my feet were spot on to physical pain or issues I was having with that particular area of my body. I think not only is reflexology helpful in knowing these areas to share the information with your doctor for further investigation if need be, but it is just so helpful for the person to have that knowledge to perhaps change their diet or start exercising, or even to work that particular area of the foot themselves.” Julie Anderson

It felt like 2 treatments at once. Hands were physically working my feet and a second set of hands was inside massaging my internal organs.” Charles H.

I have had a major breakthrough in a long-term physical disability. Shelby is remarkable as she conveys a secure feeling for me to feel truly cared for.” Evelyn True.

The points on the feet are where a person holds the stress, which is behind everything. Stress and illness lead to improper metabolism, which causes unhealthy deposits of acids in the feet. REFLEXOLOGY helps break up these acids and returns the body to a normal metabolic balance. For more information, call Shelby Schue at 575-740-2435.

Good article by Shelby, she has been doing it forever and is a good as it gets.