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Plant Medicine CBD

Plant medicine - CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in Cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid. It does not have any psychoactive effects as those caused by tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Besides treating cancer (CBD kills cancer cells), cannabinoids are an anti-oxidant, neuroprotective, control inflammation, and help to regulate homeostasis (staying in the Goldilocks Zone).

We are learning a great deal about the medical use of this plant medicine and are beginning to have a better understanding of the use of both these compounds in treating various medical issues. Recent research has shown that different ratios of these two cannabinoids are effective for different medical conditions. For example, straight CBD is not good for lung cancer. This is an area of clinical research that needs to be addressed and I would like to see our new local hospital go after some medical research money.

Experience is showing us that larger doses of CBD are better that smaller doses in those procedures that are more than just a maintenance dose. Research is on going and the best place to stay on top of what is going on is Granny Storm Crows List. The bible of medical cannabis. (

When both CBD and THC are recommended (i.e. Rick Simpson oil), the resulting euphoria can be reduced significantly if CBD is given ~20 minutes before the mixture is taken. The CBD will occupy all the C1 and C2 receptors keeping out the THC, thus NO euphoria.

The receptors for cannabinoids are one of the most abundant receptors in the human brain and are expressed in nearly every tissue and cell. The endocannabinoid system is a system in our body which produces compounds or ligands that activate specific receptors. This system regulates important functions of mammals. We make CBD in our body.

Plants high in CBD were developed first in California, the original plant was named was 'Harlequin' and had ~12% CBD and ~6% THC. It was originally used (smoked) to treat episodes of PTSD and was incredibly effective.

Since those early days, CBD has shown its value in many areas (see Grannies List) and is being produced all over the world. I recommend caution when buying CBD products. Know who your seller is. Ask them the source and if any testing for contaminants has been done. Does the seller know who the producer is? Can the seller verify that the product was grown organically and that only safe chemicals used during growth and flower.

Most of the CBD, found on the internet at a low price is produced in China and is the chemical byproduct of the fiber extraction process. Unless I was able to test it (costly) I would stay far away from it – it is highly toxic.

Another source are the State approved dispensaries. The oil is extracted from the plants with some form of solvent. The CBD is extracted from high CBD plants and will generally contain some THC (ask for test results). In my mind, the biggest potential problem is the concentrated contaminants from the grow itself and any chemicals used to control insects or disease. Since there is no requirement for these products to be tested, it takes a grower with a strong moral compass, not make oils from plants sprayed with chemicals (i.e. Eagle 20) in the growth/flower cycle to get rid of mites or powdery mildew.

A third option is to get it from states like Colorado who legally allow the production of Hemp. The hemp plant is in the Sativa family and has been developed over the years to yield fiber and other products and has little or no THC. Colorado requires that plants must have less than .2 % THC.

Federal appeals court just made a ruling on CBD being a 'schedule 1' drug. The DEA won that round but it is unclear how it will turn out. It is becoming obvious that Big Pharma wants to turn it into a medicine that they can control and make money from.

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