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Reversing Alzheimer’s – Lydia Dixon


Reversing Alzheimer’s? Impossible, many would say. Yet, in 2016, Dr. Dale Bredesen, a physician and UCLA medical researcher did just that. He successfully reversed cognitive decline in a small group of Alzheimer’s patients who were in the early stage of the disease. This cutting-edge research was published in the journal Aging. (1) The method he used consisted of a personalized program including dietary changes, exercise, brain stimulation, and supplements that would have an effect on the brain, among many other things. This was the first time it was demonstrated that Alzheimer’s could be reversed. The program the patients followed was not easy, but they were motivated. Dr. Bredesen has since published a book of his findings along with complete descriptions of the protocols. -- The End of ALzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.


Currently, Alzheimer’s is the third leading cause of death in the US. (Heart Disease and Cancer are the top two.) This will have very serious consequences for the entire nation as it is costing over 2 billion annually and could bankrupt Medicare in the future. Many different causes are involved in this disease, 36 at least, and Bredesen found that there are three different types of Alzheimer’s, all of which require a different protocol. To further complicate matters, each patient needs a customized approach but there is hope in this program, which Dr. Bredesen calls “Recode”.(3)


If it can be reversed, why not just prevent it? There is a lot of advice on Alzheimer’s prevention on the internet. People need to take charge of their health and make some changes because right now there is no magic bullet cure -- but there may be one in the future In February 2018, scientists reversed Alzheimer’s with a single enzyme treatment in mice. This seems promising, but has not been done with humans yet and that may take several years. (4)


Meanwhile, what can we do? In the words of Dr. Bredesen during a recent interview:

We recommend that everybody over the age of 45 get what we call a 'cognoscopy' … It's very simple. You're going to look at these different things in your blood. You're going to look at your genetics … Then get on the appropriate program for prevention. If you've already started to be symptomatic, get on an appropriate program for reversal. The earlier, the better.“ (5)


  2. Bredesen, Dale E., and Joe LeMonnier. The End of Alzheimer's: the First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline. Thorndike Press, 2018.




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