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2018 Hot Springs Festival

Somehow, my thanks to the folks who made the Festival happen, got lost in the cut and paste. Thank you!

With the festival over, we are looking for comments, observations or ideas on what can be changed to improve the festival. Here are some of the comments that I gathered.

1. It is the wrong time of year - one week after Fiesta, Mothers day weekend, Springs winds, snowbirds gone home

2. It was great ($) for some of the shops along Broadway

3. The activities brochure was late getting out and confusing for some people, not knowing what was being offered

4. turnout was low

The fest has been run at various times of the year. The rationale for May has been that it's a month during which there is a lot of hotel room availability, so lots of new people can experience the hot springs hotels.    But the heat and the wind and proximity to Fiesta  are not perfect, I'd agree.

Turnout was partially diluted because there were multiple venues. For example, the hot springs and recycling tours were well attended, but of course those visitors weren't in the plaza. The sun and heat and wind surely drove some people away from the plaza, but if they went in the shops and restaurants to spend money, that's a type of success.  I too would have loved to see 100+ people enjoying the excellent musical acts though.

The brochure was late and could be improved, agreed.

Event organizers are going to take the time contacting vendors and sponsors and performers to gather feedback and begin planning for next year.  I'm one of them, and am always open to hearing feedback and suggestions for how to make the event really thrive and promote our wonderful hot springs.

John - Thanks for your responses. My intention was to critique and absolutely no criticism was intended. I recognize the work that went on and am grateful. It being my first HS Festival I came with no expectations and enjoyed the experience. Saw some old friends and got to walk around downtown . . . Checking out La Palomas was a treat, they've done a really nice job.

One of the comments the BANA people made was the importance of maintaining  the affordability of bathing in Tor C.  Their experience and research helps us identify specific ailments for which our water would help. Then reach out to those folks . . . .  Happy heads on the pillows!


We appreciate the feedback Jack, and the team is working with sponsors and vendors now to begin planning improvements for next year. Thank you!

One thought I had was a more targeted marketing. Rather than one big 'Festival', target various health/healing groups and see when their annual meetings are or if they have gatherings or want to.  list of these organizations

Let me know when your meetings are or how others can provide input. Thanks.