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So I was thinking this morning on my way in to work.

Why would the academic studies tell us that wearing masks was dangerous and would do way more harm than good both short term and long term. They had the message of discouraging face masks plastered on every single news outlet, they had it on the front pages, they were broadcasting it on television. They had the academic reports, showing that wearing a mask would do very little for protecting you and be much worse for you over time.

Then, as suddenly as them discouraging us from wearing masks, they switched their message 180 degrees. Suddenly, the reports were all about mask wearing. Masks are mandatory. No mask, no service, etc... Those academic studies were forced to change their findings to line up with the new message. “Masks good, virus bad”.

It got me thinking; if they can easily mandate masks right now, how hard would it be for them to mandate a vaccine? We’ve seen the compliance numbers in person. If you want to keep your job, wear a mask. If you want to shop in the store, wear a mask.

Under what threat of punishment are these people wearing their masks? Some believe the masks actually help them stay safe (msm programming), some people will actively shame you, and some people will attack you violently.

Hmmm that’s odd... what was that last part? Attack you violently. This new form of social justice being popularized by radicals and mob mentality is becoming more and more popular. Check the reddit comments for popular pages discussing the Rona. “I am gonna punch the next person not wearing a mask” “my son publicly shamed a man for not wearing mask” “Makes me want to slap the next person not wearing a mask” “people who don’t wear mask should be charged with manslaughter” etc etc..

These comments get thousands of upvotes. Hundreds of comments. All supporting the shaming of, and violent attack of, those who would dare question the all powerful wisdom of government payroll doctors and their biased data.

So, why am I saying all this? It had me thinking. With the compliance rate of mask wearing, how hard will it be to mandate vaccination. Forget about whether the shot works or not, and just think in terms of compliance.. aside from the fear tactics of getting sick while not using a mask (that doesn’t protect you), tactics of shaming, violence, or even your economic well-being have been the strongest push for most to wear the mask already and I surmise will be the same tactics and mindset for “Doing your part! Get the shot! Come back into normal society!”...

Think about it, the people using shaming and violence are the most susceptible to those tactics themselves.. once the majority of mask warriors get their mandatory shots, the shaming will start. 1 by 1 the rest will line up to get their shot so they can fit back in with their archaic society again. But once the shaming and violence tactics bring in most of those who would take the vaccine, what happens to those of us who won’t?

It’s simple really; wearing a mask becomes mandatory for anyone who hasn’t gotten a vaccine. Anyone who has the shot gets to roam about and do whatever they please mask free. The mask becomes an identifier. “That guy didn’t get his shot mommy!” Won’t you think of the children?... /s

I expect them to publicly shame those who wear mask, and use all manner of tactics to entice them to get the shot. Want to keep your job? Get the shot. Want to shop at the store? Get the shot. Want to be accepted back into “normal” society? Get the shot... get your shot or get beat up, get the shot or get thrown in jail.

TLDR: Mask normalization and the popularization of shaming tactics will lead to mandatory (to come back to “normal” society) vaccines. Those who don’t get the vaccine will be forced to wear a mask as an identifier.


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