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During the covid-19 fiasco, Big Pharma and the complicit media launched a series of media attacks against an inexpensive antiviral drug that was being used with success to help patients recover from covid-19 infections. The drug, hydroxychloroquine, had been used with success for over eighty years for various health issues. But during covid-19,a false study was published that led to hydroxychloroquine being denounced in prestigious medical journals –the Lancet and the British Medical Journal. This led health authorities in countries around the world to ditch the drug, They lied, people died. For years, this antiviral had been promoted and used for various health issues – its side effects a non-issue as people recovered from malaria and other health problems.

Big Pharma-controlled media destroys inexpensive treatments to promote expensive new drugs

Hydroxychloroquine is very inexpensive to make and not patented. It can be used for less than $20/dose. Instead of getting people the help they need, Big Pharma tried to cash in on the crisis. Pharmaceutical companies capitalized on public health emergency orders, and secured billions of dollars in funding for new drugs and vaccines. Some of these new taxpayer-funded investments are being pushed into the market, with little testing and a steep price tag. Now Big Pharma and the complicit media are promoting Gilead's new $3120 treatment– a five-dose course of remdesivir.

Gilead is looking for a way to get a return on remdesivir, after the drug was originally developed to treat Ebola. Because the drug was never approved by the FDA for this use, Gilead had to shelve the drug and find a new opportunity to capitalize on it. Remdesivir has not proven effective at lowering covid-19 fatality, while inexpensive options have.

Gilead recently disclosed its outrageous price-gouging plan for remdesivir, as governments around the world prepare to place their orders. As the media hypes up remdesivir, the drug’s questionable study data remains. But the media doesn’t care about the data on this drug; they only care about promoting the most lucrative option after they destroyed the opportunity to use hydroxychloroquine and other inexpensive treatments. Big Pharma is the biggest buyer of ads by far. Big Tech is in on the swindle, too; Youtube censored a video in which medical doctors said hydroxychloroquine might help treat COVID-19.

To take advantage of patients, Gilead will charge $3,120 per patient. Critically ill patients will be charged $5,720 for the longer course of remdesivir. The price will be absorbed by commercial insurance in the US, leading to higher rates and deductibles – a system that makes drug companies automatically richer and more powerful. In the US, this system is especially advantageous for drug companies because we are the only developed country where drug prices aren’t negotiated. The price is merely absorbed by health insurance plans, which continue to get more expensive each year, consuming people’s lives, ball-and-chain to a system of drug company dependence and outrageous payment plans. Government plans (Medicare and Medicaid) get a slightly lower price and hospitals receive a slight discount, but at the end of the day, drug makers dictate people’s lives, subjecting all to their most lucrative treatment plans that are literally over a hundred times more expensive than they need to be.

Why hasn’t the media or public health authorities mentioned anything people can do to strengthen their immune system? Why are time-tested anti-viral compounds dismissed in favor of highly profitable new drugs?

It’s more obvious than ever: Drug companies and their media acolytes aren't interested in saving lives. They are interested in getting the biggest return on their investment, this greedy process has put countless lives at risk and deprived people of inexpensive antivirals that could help them recover.

The medical establishment has been pushing flawed data to withhold a viable treatment for COVID-19 patients – does anyone remember Tuskegee?

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Never forget that the ones that made Remdesivir are the ones that worked closely with Wuhan Institute of Virology mutating coronaviruses to infect people

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