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Corona Questions


Between censorship, the numbers games and 'fake news', it is getting more and more difficult to understand what is going on. Amazon just banned a documentary “Killing free speech” about censorship. YouTube has censored the videos of Knut Wittkowski, who was a top epidemiologist in Germany and then served as the head of biostatistics, epidemiology, and research design at Rockefeller University.YouTube is banning anything that goes against the accepted agenda and mainstream media is complete disinformation . . . turn it off! Mark Twain once said that if you do not read newspapers, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed. Why do they call TV programs programming?

Much of the chaos and confusion is to instill and maintain a high level of fear. Take testing for example. We know that Covid19 death statistics were inflated by how the deaths were listed. George Floyd tested positive, so did he die from it or a police officer . . . or neither? What constitutes a death solely caused by Covid19? Why did 42% of the total deaths occur in nursing homes (.6% of total population)?

This brings up the topic of testing. The person who developed the PCR test, clearly said that is was not to be used for diagnosis because of the number of false positives and negatives. We have new tests coming out that test blood serum and T cells . . . but what are we testing for? When our Governor keeps us restricted because of the new 'cases' . . . what does that mean? What is a case? Is this person a carrier (as they want you to believe), did the test fail or did the person get a flu shot in years past? No one seems to know. The Secretary of NMDOH is not a Doctor, but a social worker bureaucrat. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from the firm managing a health program that critics say should have been closed after Obamacare and takes money from the big box stores.

The deeper I go down this rabbit hole, the more political it becomes. From day one, we were warned that states are ascribing every single death of anyone who happens to test positive for the coronavirus — even if they are asymptomatic — to the virus rather than the clear cause of death. Now, thanks to a lawsuit in Colorado, the state was forced to revise its death count down by 23 % — from 1,150 to 878. The state is now publishing numbers of deaths “with” COVID-19 separate from deaths “from” COVID-19.

Social distancing was invented by a high-school kid and politicians, not scientists: Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic research reports that the origin of this cult of “social distancing” being used for totalitarian lockdowns was the brainchild of a high-schooler's sociology paper in 2006, promoted by the Bush administration during the avian flu. It was widely mocked by the epidemiological community, including by Johns Hopkins, for “causing the potential for a serious adverse outcome,’” thereby ensuring that “a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe.”

While there is zero evidence that lockdowns saved any lives of coronavirus patients, there is clear evidence they cost other lives. Do not even get me started on the need to wear masks, I will save that for when our Governor makes them mandatory because we are bad children.

How have we allowed such an illogical/ideological approach to crush our liberties, economy, hospitals, education, and criminal justice? Why are we loosing our freedoms? Perhaps because we will not stand up for them.


Right on the cdc website. It’s unreal how blatantly obvious it is that we are being lied to and no one believes there is an agenda being pushed they shut down the whole world for numbers that include the common cold.

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