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The City of Health

     Imagine, if you will (voice of Rod Sterling/Twilight Zone), a small town along a big river, next to a large lake. Years ago, the town was named after its biggest asset, said to be the best Hot Springs in the world. People came to take the cure from people with names like Magnolia Ellis and Doc Collins. They came with Tuberculosis for the clear dry air. The town thrived, housing was built and the people prospered.

     Then great changes begin to occur. Our food system began to be corporatized, feed by petrochemicals. Our medical/health care system suffered the same fate under the Rockefellers. The Hot Springs and traditional medicines fell into disrepute and in some cases criminalized. It was new, it was a modern world. People stopped coming.

     The town, looking outside itself for solutions to its economic problems, changed its name to that of a popular game show. Each year it would prepare a list of needs and head up the Camino Real with its hand out to the State. It looked at tourism and a couple times a year the lake was the biggest city in the land. But people went home and the hope was placed elsewhere. Race tracks, copper mines, spaceports were all attempted, but never quite made it. Meanwhile, the gold lay under their feet and eyes were focused on the freeway that ran past.

     Fast forward to a time when these systems, food, health care and the American economic dream began to fail. By then, the Hot Springs began to become popular again, alternative healers began to move in, organic farms began to become profitable . . . the people began to take responsibility for their own health and economic well being.

     The new hospital they built attracted clinical medical marijuana studies, it was the first hospital in the country made germ free from the use of ozone and copper door plates. No one died from MRSA. This attracted forward thinking Doctors and healers from all over the world, to say nothing of the patients who came for the cures, the healthy environment and the welcoming citizens. Real estate flourished, the downtown became a hotbed of alternative medical modalities and the area prospered.

     The city had enough money to fix the roads and pay its workers a decent wage so that weeds could be controlled by human hands and not deadly chemicals. The State began to come down that historic road with their hands out. The new, covered Olympic sized swimming pool, heated with the abundant hot water attracted families who would drop off the kids for lessons, while mom went to the Spa, Grandmother saw the herbalist and Dad went fishing at the Lake. They went out to dinner at one of the many healthy restaurants.

     The town had finally returned to its roots and the promise of the billboards that once stood on the freeway advertising “The City of Health”.

This letter to the editor was the beginning of this forum. This forum was set up to get feed back from the community on various health subjects. We are always looking for articles to begin a dialog. Give Jack a call @ 575-571-5817 if you are interested in writing articles.