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Cheap cure - No Profit


Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate

Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic reduces susceptibility to Covid after just 4 doses. These are the findings by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Indian National AIDS Research Institute


Ivermectin treatment 'could bring us all together by Christmas'

Countries that used hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 saw a 73% lower fatality rate, meaning Fauci, the CDC and the FDA have conspired to KILL tens of thousands of Americans in order to protect the lucrative vaccine industry

HCQ NEWS – Officials from China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bahrain, Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal, Cuba, Italy, and 65 scientific studies show HCQ safe/effective

Public health expert reveals the FDA and Fauci’s shocking plot to bury hydroxychloroquine as potential COVID-19 cure