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Economic Health Crises

Today the 'Fear d'jour' is racial rioting, cities burning, military presence and lots of 'agent provocateurs' to keep it moving from peaceful demonstrations to violence. Be very afraid!


Closer to home, here in Truth (not a lot of) and Consequences (mostly), we have our own economic health crises. The City budget would have been a joke in the best of times, however, now, when we all need to be thinking about our new future, and how to pay for it and with what - it is an insult to those voters and tax payers who foot the bill for this circus. Lead by a City manager who is incapable of staying out of bankruptcy court (+9 out of 13 court cases) and our Mayor who has signed her name to two of the biggest flops in the last years (the solar array and smart meters)


I no longer support Mr. Madrid after I tried to work with him and got myself thrown under a bus. I listened to him site the FCC (the most corporately captured Government agency) and the UN as sources to declare Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as safe (the UN classes it as a Class B carcinogen) in order to dismiss and endanger the concerns of citizens who have done the research and oppose more electronic smog in our City. Why spend 1 million dollars we do not have when we can all pull together to read our own electric meters?


A healthy community pulls together during hard times. A healthy community looks at its City Manager – is he doing the job in the best interest of it's citizens? This same community looks at a Mayor who has been in office for 10 years and is the last primary elected official responsible, Baca keeps his chair warm and three new commissioners step up to the plate and seem to be totally bewildered.


It is with these new commissioners that we must put our hope and offer support. I find myself in a quandary – do I step/push up to the plate with others and help these new commissioners understand clearly where the problems are and how to fix them? Or, do we stand aside and let the house of cards come apart? Are these 3 new commissioners able to reach out, get the information needed to understand the present situation and then take the strong action needed.


We have Department heads who are given no goals or vision and make up there job titles as they go along. We have no money to fix the park after it was torn down in such a rush, Mr Madrid told them not worry, he would get the money after he failed to submit a request to the State. The electrical dept has lots of new vehicles and want $1M+ for digital toys.


There are groups (Advocates and Indivisibles) and individuals (Fenn, Tittle, Borsello plus many others) who have identified the problems, suggested solutions, been ignored, promoted as trouble makers (interview Mayor) and had their rights to speak reduced (6 to 3 minutes/month)


The people qualified to help get ourselves out of this mess are available and in most cases willing to help. Are the new commissioners willing to reach out for a clearer understanding of the problems, are they willing to make the hard choices (get rid of the Police Dept., put law enforcement under the Sheriff, fire Madrid/hire Tooley) and are they able to reach out to the citizens who put them into office for help?