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Too Many Questions of Health and Law

The first mortality projections when this all started were a possible 2.2 million people dying in the USA from Covid-19 based on a flawed English model. Then estimates started dropping as the FEAR and panic were fed by the Main Stream News. The numbers kept changing . . . the latest CDC figures have gone from 65K to 40K two days ago and the most recent is 11K (CDC website 5/2) as the counts are corrected by deaths from other causes first listed as C19. Doctors were pressured to call all deaths . . . C19. Heart attacks and pneumonia deaths seemed to have plummeted because of this misreporting.


At the same time more and more Doctors and 'experts' have started asking some important questions and offering different conclusions and recommendations. In our democracy, all of the sides/positions should be able to present their information to all citizens. It then becomes a national discussion. There are clearly, at least two, ways to view this crisis, thru the lens of fear or curiosity. Facebook has banned (censored) any criticism of the WHO, a massively corrupt organization bought by Bill Gates, controlled by China and run by a previous terrorist who is not even a medical doctor. Google has gone so far as censoring 'Medical Misinformation' such as these Doctors who speak out (videos) - even information about vitamin C has been censored as unproven. The FBI went so far as to raid a Dr. (in full hazmat suits) who was injecting Vitamin C, a therapy developed by Dr. Linus Pauling and used all over the world for years and made illegal (by the FDA for Big Pharma) 3 years ago.


The are many questions and facts that do not add up. Why censorship? Why a lockdown? Why masks? Why all the fake studies showing certain therapies used extensively are suddenly dangerous? What are they testing for? And what do the tests show? If you have had a flu shot in the last years, you will test positive . . . but what does it mean? Who gets to interpret the results for whose agenda? Where is the science arguing for social distancing?


It is clear that the lockdown was the wrong choice . . . here are some numbers:

Countries locked down and the fatality rate – USA .010 with today's CDC numbers (~11K)

UK .154

Countries not locked down with fatality rate – Sweden .123

Belarus .006

Japan .030


The bottom line is to get you so fearful that you will rush to get this new super vaccine that will solve the problems of your trashed immune system and unhealthy life style (98% of deaths in Italy had preconditions). We are seeing the tyrants and control freaks unleashed, taking every opportunity to impose their will on you, defying the Law of the Land.


Who beside working people will pick up the tab and suffer this politically motivated medical martial law, the rise in suicide and family abuse, the economic reset (blamed on the virus), the destruction of small businesses, the middle class and millions of jobs? Who is responsible? They should be held accountable for these murderous unconstitutional acts. Gerald Boland, in last weeks 'letter to the editor' hit the nail on the head, we live in a Constitutional republic or we do not. To my brothers and sisters in arms, it is time again to think about that oath we took to defend it against all enemies - Foreign and Domestic.


My rights as a sovereign citizen under the Constitution of the US will not be limited by of your level of fear.

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