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Covid-19 and a healthy immune system

There is a lot of bad news, good news and fake news circulating about the Corona Virus (Covid-19) and it is hard to say what is true/real. The bottom line is that the healthier you are, the stronger your immune system and the more health conscious you are the better you will fare if threatened by, exposed to disease.

There are some things that are becoming clear about this new potential viral threat. From my research, I believe and can present a good argument that Covid-19 is a man made, weaponized virus that was released or escaped from a laboratory in China.

As we learn more about the genetic make up, there is speculation that it is targeted towards ethnic groups that genetically have higher levels of the enzymes ACE1 and ACE2, as it is through this enzyme that the virus enters the cell. On the speculative treatment side, the virus access cells via the ACE-2 enzyme located on cell membranes, which acts as a receptor that imports the virus across the cell membrane. The levels of this enzyme can be increased by tissue damage and oxidative stress at the transcription level, so one would possibly expect reduction of whatever factors cause this, to potentially have some role in the disease. Although it may make no difference to infection, it could perhaps slow the spread of the virus within the body and hence theoretically allow longer for the body to produce humeral antibody defenses. It may be via this, inpart, why the case fatality rate is higher in diabetes and elderly folks.

It has also been shown that certain elements/vitamins such as Selenium, Thiamine (B1) and Niacin (B3), and of course Vitamin C and D at high doses have a beneficial effect.

Selenium supplementation has positive effect on the viral load and CD4 counts in a randomized study. (see the first reply to this article on the web site). Low selenium status appears to increase viral load and associated illness, and even promotes the mutation of viruses into more pathogenic strains.

Thiamine -This vitamin is of interest since reports show, so far, a roughly doubling of risk of serious complications or death in Covid-19 patients with diabetes. Diabetes is a complex illness that involves major abnormalities of liver and kidney processing in nutrients, and around a 15 fold increased rate of thiamine excretion by the kidneys which leads to a circulating level of thiamine 75% lower than normal, this is a severe thiamine deficiency. Multi-organ failure is a factor in the deaths from coronavirus, which is known to injure organs including the liver, and that is part of the extra-hepatic system, which includes the kidneys.

Niacin (Nicotinamide) -During immune over activation tryptophan is rapidly metabolized leading to niacin deficiency. Niacin also has anti-autoimmune effects, via this mechanism.

OK so there have been promising findings of the effect of healthy selenium levels on viral infections, replication, shedding, and associated rates of infection.

Low selenium status appears to increase viral load and associated illness, and even promotes the mutation of viruses into more pathogenic strains.

Some background. Some years back I had the notion that low selenium status may impact on the rates of HIV infection in the population in Africa, and the idea was that the virus may be marginally more likely to be contracted in populations with low Se status. I contacted by email a prominant HIV scientist who was researching the role of selenium at delaying the clinical progression of AID's in these populations, and he replied to me that in his view low selenium status could well have such an effect and agreed that it might be worthwhile trying to map Se status to rates of HIV or of its growth.

So, it is of interest that the Wuhan coronavirus appears to have rapidly mutated into a highly contagious virus, that this happened in the Chinese population so quickly -

Selenium status in the Chinese is considered low - Wuhan (Hubei province) had high average selenium (for China), but also one of the highest ranges between residents, with nearly the lowest absolute as well as the highest Se status, as measured by hair. Some areas of Hubei province, such as Enshi , are stated to have very high Se levels, so it may be possible to compare the case fatality rate in different areas of China against Se status, as a test of this hypothesis.

China, for example, is one of the 40 countries designated as low Se or Se deficient according to World Health Organization (WHO) [2]. The Se deficient areas account for 72% of the country’s total area, its deficiency affects over 70 million people who face the potential adverse health impacts due to Se deficiency [3]. Overt Se deficiency has caused serious health consequences in low Se areas of China, such as endemic Keshan disease (endemic cardiomyopathy) and Kaschin-Beck disease (endemic osteoarthropathy) [4]. Meanwhile, there is mounting evidence that suggests the importance of Se in the functioning of the immune system, counteracting the development of virulence, inhabiting HIV progression to AIDS.)

The possibility that coxsackievirus is a cofactor for the classical Se-deficiency disease, Keshan disease*, is supported by a body of work by Beck and her collaborators. .....*Significantly, serum Se abnormalities have been observed in SARS patients

Selenium Deficiency Causes Flu Virus To Mutate Into More Dangerous Forms

Recent work with selenium has demonstrated that a deficiency in this trace mineral will lead to increased viral pathogenesis. Selenium-deficient animals infected with a viral pathogen demonstrate immune dysfunction, including altered chemokine and cytokine expression patterns. A benign coxsackievirus infection of selenium-deficient mice leads to the development of myocarditis and further experiments demonstrated that the change in virulence was due to point mutations in the viral genome. Thus, replication in a selenium-deficient host led to a normally benign virus acquiring virulence due to viral mutations.

Dietary Selenium in Adjuvant Therapy of Viral and Bacterial Infections1,2

... In selenium deficiency, benign strains of Coxsackie and influenza viruses can mutate to highly pathogenic strains

Selenium doesn't just help as an antiviral, it also appears critical in post-viral immune depression -

Supranutritional selenium promotes proliferation and favors differentiation of naive CD4-positive T lymphocytes toward T helper 1 cells, thus supporting the acute cellular immune response, whereas excessive activation of the immune system and ensuing host tissue damage are counteracted through directing macrophages toward the M2 phenotype

Selenium supplementation has positive effect on HIV viral load, CD4 counts in randomised study

- CD4 counts are also vital in clearance of coronavirus -

Mechanisms of lymphocyte loss in SARS coronavirus infection.

Human lymphocytes and monocytes are not permissive to productive SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) infection in vitro. 2. Challenge of lymphocytes and monocytes with infectious SARS-CoV, inactivated virions, and receptor-binding fragment of spike protein does not trigger apoptosis. 3. Direct infection/interaction between viruses and lymphocytes/monocytes is unlikely to be the cause of lymphopaenia in SARS patients. 4. Lymphopaenia in SARS patients is likely to result from indirect mechanisms secondary to the viral infection.

-Importance of T-Cells in coronavirus infection. If CD8 is depleted, CD4 can largely hold the fort, but that's why a loss of both would be particularly bad (this work was in rats, but other studies support the role of CD4 in coronaviruses , CD4+ cells are also the target of HIV. Of interest, HIV meds are being tried in China right now for this current outbreak.

From the available data on Wuhan coronavirus patients, low lymphocytes are common in ICU patients.

Since we know that CD4+ cells are important lymphocytes in the clearance of other coronaviruses, its reasonable to assume that they are an important in determining prognosis after infection with the new virus.

This is likely to be very important in preventing other infections but selenium also may play a role in the other main cause of death - immune over-activation and cytokine storm;

Selenium replacement in patients with severe systemic inflammatory response syndrome improves clinical outcome.

Vitamins, and in particular antioxidants have been tried in the treatment of septic shock and the larger studies have proven dissapointing for most of them, at least when pure antioxidants are given once one already has cytokine storm and / or sepsis.

In some recent studies there was no benefit on survival of taking selenium in patients that already have sepsis, which we might consider as broadly relevant to the cytokine storm some patients have.

More on selenium, antiviral

Selenium, measles

An increase in Selenium intake improves immune function and poliovirus handling in adults with marginal Selenium status. Am J Clin Nutr. 2004 Jul;80(1):154-62.

Selenium-supplemented subjects also showed more rapid clearance of the poliovirus, and the poliovirus reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction products recovered from the feces of the supplemented subjects contained a lower number of mutations.

The data indicate that these subjects had a functional selenium deficit with suboptimal immune status and a deficit in viral handling. They also suggest that the additional 100 microg Se/d may be insufficient to support optimal function.

Chemoprevention Trial of Human Hepatitis With Selenium Supplementation in China

The results showed that the incidence of virus hepatitis infection in the test township was significantly lower than that of controls provided with normal table salt. The incidence rate of infectious hepatitis in the treated township M.Z. was 1.20 and 4.52 per 1,000, whereas the average incidence in the 6 surrounding control townships was 2.96 and 10.48 per 1,000 in 1986 and 1987, respectively...... Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that a low grain Se content is associated with a high regional incidence of hepatitis B virus infections.

Selenium, Selenoproteins and Viral Infection.

Selenium reduces viral shedding and hence spread of disease in different viruses, in humans, and in this following study, in birds;


This vitamin is of interest since reports show so far a roughly doubling of risk of serious complications or death in patients with diabetes. Diabetes is a complex illness that involves major abnormalities of liver and kindney processing in nutrients, and around a 15 fold increased rate of thiamine excretion by the kidneys which leads to a circulating level of thiamine 75% lower than normal, this is a severe thiamine deficiency. Multi-organ failure is a factor in the deaths from coronavirus, which is known to injure organs including the liver, and that is part of the extra-hepatic system, which includes the kidneys.

“When we targeted select populations of critically ill patients, we have found that upwards of 30% may be thiamine deficient,” Harvard’s Moskowitz says.

The means by which thiamine status is assessed in diabetic patients uses a proxy molecule, not the actual thiamine. Testing for the proxy is normally reliable, except in diabetics, and probably in other chronic conditions, leading to the medical system ignoring how severely thiamine deficient many patients actually are.

"The dietary intake of vitamin C, thiamin, and niacin has been associated with a significantly slower progression to AIDS in homosexual men infected with HIV type 1 "

Conclusion: The administration of intravenous vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and thiamine to patients with septic shock was successful in early weaning from vasopressors.

Thiamine seems to be antiviral to HIV and Hepatitis B

Thiamine treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection

Potential relevance of this is the evidence of common liver injury in the hospitalised cases of the new coronavirus infection, as well as the increased relative risk of bad outcomes in diabetics.

intake of micronutrients, which included riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin, was associated with higher CD4 cell counts at baseline

Niacin (Nicotinamide)

During immune overactivation trytophan is rapidly metabolised leading to niacin deficiency. Niacin also has anti-autoimmune effects, via this mechanism.

Antioxidants, general information, some possibly interesting data.

News Media Attacks Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19 Coronavirus

"What Are The Odds?" - A Timeline Of Facts Linking Covid-19, HIV, & Wuhan's Secret Bio-Lab

A Doctor Advises Doctors On How To Be Safe
From The Coronavirus

HUGE! New England Journal of Medicine: Scientific Study Reports NO CASES of Coronavirus in Children Under Age 15 in Test Study

Ive noticed a lot recent posts and comments about 5g and the connection it has to corona so I wanted to make a little write up that goes into depth and covers the bases. Yes, there will be sources for the handicapped individuals.

One thing is for certain, we can’t say that an event like this wasn’t on the horizon. We’ve been bombarded by predictive programming for over decade now. From popular movies such as contagion (2011) to Billpopulation control” Gates telling us of an impending pandemic. (2015) We can even go back to 1981 with the questionable author Dean Koontz and his book "The Eyes of Darkness." just like with any major world event it is being planned and directed and they’ve been telling you about it for awhile.

So how did we get here? The first rumbles of Coronavirus started appearing as of December 1st of 2019, cases after that seemed to explode exponentially after. A lot of questions are being raised as to find out where, how, and when the viral outbreak started. So lets take a look at some events that were happening before then.

First we have the pilot city rollout of 5g. These cities are beta test cities for 5g communication systems to deploy and test this technology. One of these cities just so happened to be the capitol city of the Hubei province, Wuhan. the infrastructure was being built as early as 2018 and we can assume fully functional as of October 2019, because that is when the World military games took place in Wuhan as per the article above.

Next we have a timely law that was passed on June 29th, 2019. The mandatory vaccination law. It was slated to go into full effect December 1st, 2019. vaccine scandals in china are about a dime a dozen, from faulty vaccinesfake vaccines, inadequate handling of vaccines , the legitimateness is quite questionable, and now they’re no longer asking. You may be wondering what vaccines have to do with 5g, well we’ll come back to that in a moment.

Lets talk about the effects of 5g radiation. You see, 5g is not a new technology by any means. We’ve had it since the invention of radio. Its been secretly coveted by the military industrial complex as a crowd control weapons. For over 100 years we’ve been testing and studying the effects of the millimeter wavelength spectrum. Don’t believe me? Heres a study from MIT done in 1948 on the microwave absorption levels of oxygen. What they found is that at 60GhZ the microwaves are fully absorbed by oxygen molecules. Here are more data sets from 2001 to back that up. So lets break this down to fully understand the implications.

If you ever wondered how your microwave works, this is a pretty simple explanation. The microwave emits a 2.45GhZ frequency. This frequency is the absorption frequency for water molecules. It causes the molecules to oscillate at 2.45 BILLION hertz PER SECOND. These oscillations cause friction and that friction heats up your food. The interesting part is that the food is cooked from the inside out because the microwaves penetrate through the food, contrary to conventional cooking methods that cook from the outside in.

(fun fact: your wifi router also emits the same frequency(2.4GhZ), only less wattage behind it.) sous vide, anyone?

So now that we understand how microwaves work, we can use that example to explain whats happening to oxygen molecules that are exposed to 5g signals from the linked study above. So why does it matter if oxygen is absorbing 5g frequencies? Well for the telecom companies it is essential to block out radio interferences and environmental interferences such as storms and rain. However, we need to look at the molecular structure of oxygen a bit closer to fully understand whats going on here. Oxygen (O2) is a diatomic molecule which means it has two molecules bonded together. When exposed to 60GhZ it begins to oscillate, just like water molecules. Only the oscillations begin to form a rotational spin of the molecule at 60 BILLION hertz PER SECOND.

Now we have to look at how our bodies utilize oxygen. When we breathe the oxygen is taken into our lungs and passed through the alveoli. When passed through the alveoli it is met with red blood cells that contain hemoglobin which binds to the oxygen and the oxygen is then carried away through the body.

So what happens when these oxygen molecules are oscillating at 60GhZ? Well its like sticking your hand in a fan and trying to catch the blade, only this blade is spinning at 60 Billion RPS (revolutions per second) The oxygen is unable to bind to the hemoglobin and your body slowly suffocates to death through hypoxia.

Strangely, the symptoms of the corona virus and hypoxia match up.

- shortness of breath

- troubled or rapid breathing

- headaches

- dizziness

- DRY cough (59% of corona patients experience dry cough the very opposite of pneumonia)

- seizures

- fainting

This explains why most patients are asymptomatic for up to a month. They’re not cultivating a virus within them, they’re slowly suffocating to death.

This USSR soviet study from 1977 that was a declassified by the CIA goes into more scientific depth of whats happening at a cellular level.

Now returning back to the vaccine and 5g connection I stumbled upon this study from 1997 stating that an EMF of only 50Hz can reactivate latently infected Epstein-Barr virus patients. So lets connect some dots, China passes a law of a mandatory vaccine schedule in 2019 and then suddenly a viral outbreak after 5g communications goes live? These instances may have no connection, but they definitely deserve to be looked into if TPTB and their de-population agenda is at hand here.

Speaking of TPTB lets take a look at the people who are pushing for 5g rollout. Here is Tom Wheeler, former chairman of the FCC speaking on the topic. Why so hostile, Tom? He clearly does not want anything getting in the way between him and his billions of dollars. No regulations, no safety studies, we aren’t waiting for that nonsense!

So whats really going on here? Is this actually a virus or the worlds largest psy-op false flag? Is this just a way to usher in medical Marshall law? We’ve seen china quarantine whole cities of millions of people, effectively turning them into an open air prison, but why? If this virus was really as bad as they say it is, why aren’t the medical staff, police, and military clad in hazmat suits? I assume thats how they would handle a virus like this in a laboratory. Wheres the PPE? From what we’ve been shown this virus is joke to them. see here

Are they using crisis actors just like every other false flag to push fear to the masses?

If the virus was actually manufactured in a P4 lab in wuhan, why is the corrupt CDC(center for disease creation) in Atlanta the only entity that can test for it?

Im sure you’re asking how the disease has spread so far and wide with 5g only being in certain regions. If we look into what a coronavirus is, its nothing more than the common cold virus. As we all know it is flu season for many around the world. A perfect disguise for something like this to operate under. We are essentially seeing the complicit and owned MSM holding a magnifying glass up to every cold and flu case in the world and telling you its an incurable virus. Hows that for manipulation?

I stumbled upon an individual named Joe Imbriano on this radio show from 2018. He predicts everything we’re currently seeing to the tee from 2 years ago. As you can see this is nothing new, nobodies cared until now.

So what can we do to protect ourselves? We have to take matters into our own hands. We can no longer sit around and put our lipstick on waiting to get fucked. Id like to introduce you guys to a true patriot for the people, John Patterson. Ole’ Johnny boy, a former telecommunications and leading radiations expert, stole a tank and starting running down cell towers to protect him and his community.

How to AVOID being put on a RESPIRATOR if you get coronavirus

 Corona Se

lf Care: What you can do NOW and what may help if infected by a coronavirus.

Lipinski 2015, Ebola and Selenium: How not to catch the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


The only people that can be infected by the 2019-n Coronavirus have less than 98.7 µg/L of Selenium in plasma or serum. Those who have enough Selenium are immune to this and all other enveloped viruses. Selenium can be obtained from Brazil nuts, Selenium pills or Astragalus tea.
This is why only some people get the flu and why others get it infrequently or never at all.
We only found this out in 2015 when Lipinski @ Harvard figured out why some people were immune to Ebola, a fact well documented in medical archives.
Two Brazil nuts a day will do it. An Asia astragalus tea is the primary source of selenium.
2014 NYTimes: Many in West Africa May Be Immune to Ebola Virus
2000 Gonzales: Ebola and Marburg virus antibody prevalence in selected populations of the Central African Republic
2010-Becquart: High Prevalence of Both Humoral and Cellular Immunity to Zaire ebolavirus among Rural Populations in Gabon
2010-IRD: A surprisingly high proportion of the Gabonese population could have immunity against Ebola. Antibodies to the virus were found in 15.3% of rural communities
2016 Richardson: "The phenomenon of previously undetected, minimally symptomatic EBOV infection was evident around the discovery of the virus in 1976."
2015 BBC: "We've now seen several cases that don't have any symptoms at all, asymptomatic cases,"
"29 Jan 2015 - Liberia: Harvard Scientist Lipinski Claims Selenium Can Treat Ebola"
2015 Lipinski - Can Selenite Be An Ultimate Inhibitor Of Ebola And Other Viral Infections?
“It is known that the virulence of Ebola and other RNA enveloped viruses involves in the first step their attachment to host cell membranes. Following this initial step the virus enters the target cell cytoplasm by forming hydrophobic spikes that make holes in the membrane lipid bilayer. Formation of such spikes is catalyzed by the reduced form of viral protein disulfide isomerase (PDIred) thus initiating chain of disulfide exchange reactions. Consequently, hydrophobic protein epitopes become exposed, which in the absence of proper chaperones form hydrophobic ‘spikes’ capable of penetrating the host cell membranes.
In this communication evidence is discussed showing that the chain of disulfide exchange events can be inhibited by a small redox molecule – sodium selenite.
It is suggested that this inexpensive and readily available food supplement can be an ultimate inhibitor of Ebola and other enveloped viral infections.”
“other enveloped viral infections” - that’s pretty much all of them.
2015 Stoffenell: "98.7 µg/L of Se in plasma or serum are required to optimize GPx activity"
2008 Thomson: Brazil nuts: an effective way to improve selenium status
Dr. Damien Downing, former editor of the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, writes: "Swine flu, bird flu, and SARS, all developed in selenium-deficient China. When patients were given selenium, viral mutation rates dropped and immunity improved."
Map of coronavirus deaths in China:
Maps of selenium deficient soil in China:
See also:
The Changing Selenium Nutritional Status of Chinese Residents