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A healthy vision of the future

Imagine, if you will, a small town along a big river, by a large lake. The town was slowly crumbling, it's infrastructure disintegrating faster than funds and credit could repair. Businesses were leaving and the young people fleeing The people were losing their ability to democratically chart their future while the same thing was happening to their country at large. It reached the point where the citizens could no longer sit back and allow it to happen. The town had reached a major fork in the road.

When the city fathers choose a technological solution, known to make the people sick, and not recognition of the personnel and cultural problems . . . the last straw had been reached and solutions were sought. What to do and how to fund it?

As the world went digital, opportunities arose. The town decided to bite the bullet and create a healthy place to live They decided to install fiber optics throughout the city and eventually the county. This added another revenue stream selling internet services. While they were at it, it was decided to replace and bury all utilities, area by area. They turned the city apparatus into a training/apprentice school to train high school students who did want to go to collage. A scholarship program was established so that the better students could become doctors, not nurses. A community bank was established that kept the money in the community and opened the door to further investment.

They set relatively safe EMR limits, turned the police department over to the Sheriff's dept and required each person running for office to take the US Citizenship test . . . and pass. A new swimming pool was built, heated with the hot mineral water so that families could drop the kids off to learn to swim and dive, mother visited the different healing centers and spas while Dad went to the lake fishing.

This new vision of the City of Health attracted people from digital companies who could work via the new fiber optics and raise their children in a healthy positive environment.

The key was the ability to fund these visions with the issuing of long term municipal bonds allowing its residents and others to invest in their future. Meanwhile, the world economy was struggling to survive massive debt and perpetual war creating a huge need for a safe place to deposit personal and business assets. The new direction of a united community with a healthful vision of itself built the confidence of investors . . . it was a good thing.

As the town grew and prospered, successes led to more success. The downward spiral was stopped. Revenues were diverted from the crumbling infrastructure and put into attracting Internet professionals and innovative healthcare modalities. Businesses returned to service this growing community. The old traditions honored and new ways incorporated to increase the productivity of traditional agriculture while restoring the environment on which it is based.

The well financed school system was able to attract the best of educators and built facilities providing for the needs of the children and Seniors. Families escaping the horrors of crumbling cities came and built new homes, providing jobs and the value of abandoned trailers and empty lots went through the roof. The entire community prospered.

All of this was accomplished by people speaking to each other and actually listening. The willingness to recognize the value of each others ideas, finding the solutions within. As every successful business knows, its people are its only appreciating asset.