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Cigarettes and cell phones

I remember when I first started smoking - 9 out of 10 doctors smoked Camels, it was cool, sexy and I paid 11 cents at the PX (military kid). Slowly as time progressed we began to see some of the first health effects. Studies were done and diseases attributed to the habit. And it was a habit, the tobacco companies purposely added chemicals to make them more addictive (watch the movie 'The Insider' about a whistle blower who came clean). It was found that second hand smoke was toxic as well and we were given 'no smoking' sections. Eventually it was banned altogether in public spaces and the price went through the roof.

In those times it was respected that a person could do what they wanted to themselves as long as others were not injured by their actions. We had government agencies that attempted to protect the public from the actions of the Corporations. We no longer have many of those protections as these government agencies have been captured (the revolving door) by the Corporations in their attempt to maximize profits and minimize our ability to take care of ourselves and loved ones.

Then as cell phones came on the scene, questions began to arise as to the safety of holding a microwave transmitter up to you ear. Studies were first done in Europe that indicated negative health effects and since then more and more have shown increased negative effects, especially for children. It is the frequency, proximity to the transmitter and power output that determine how strong that impact on the human body is. Some countries, like Russia have banned microwave ovens altogether.

As technology moves from 3G (1.6 to 2,0 GHz) to 4G (2 – 8 GHz) and finally 5G, the 'death ray' at 3 to 300Ghz, the damage increases.

With the recent contract to install Smart Meters into our community, we will be immersed in a cloud (smog) of 4G Electromagnetic radiation. Unlike smoking where you can always opt out and go outside, you will be unable to get away from this tasteless, orderless, invisible harmful cloud. Having a cell phone is a personal choice, like smoking. With Smart Meters we will not be allowed to get out of this EMR smog. In fact you will be required (city ordnance) to have one in your home or business.

Learn more about this technology and it's effects at, search the internet or go to 'Stone Soup' on Broadway in the Hot Springs district for information.

To extend the smoking analogy further, who would want to visit a city where smoking was everywhere, smoke (EMR) filled every space? Who would want to visit, much less buy a home and start a business?

We came to a fork in the road where our City Commission, based on no information, bad information and outright misrepresentations, took the wrong fork. Tell them, call them, write them to cancel this contract (there is an escape clause). Lets look at good professional management and fiber optics as an alternative. Our Childrens' health is at stake. We all make mistakes, to admit they took the wrong fork and back up is all that is required. It is a sign of good health to admit mistakes and correct them.