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Smart people – dumb meters

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is not good for us. Just as we know junk food is not good for us, we limit our intake to maintain our health. A healthy community, sets limits for the amount of EMR fog we allow and use what is allowed - wisely. Wireless devices, cell phones, WiFi and smart meters all contribute to this fog.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is an electric signal, invisible, odorless and tasteless, sent through the air by a transmitter (ex. KCHS) to a receiver (your radio). It is sent at a certain frequency with a certain amount of power that will reach out a certain distance. These are long waves, sent with an allowed amount of power (Corporate captured FCC). These have been around for many years and listening to the Tigers games does little harm - unless we loose. As the frequencies increase, the waves become shorter, exposure to them begins to be a health concern. This is no longer a question.

( as an example) See his TED Talk video and much more critical information on our internet forum at

Our bodies are electric with each cell transmitting information to others electrically. EMR, passing through our bodies, effects this communication. The more EMR fog and higher the frequency, the more disruption and possible negative health effects. Your cell phone instructions say never put this device within an inch of your body. There are literally thousands of scientific studies that support this fact. EMR causes infertility, DNA damage and Cancer and many other symptoms. Children are affected the most.

There is so much wrong with our cities unhealthy decision to spend $1M on SMART meters, I do not know where to begin. If you are mandated to have a smart meter on your house, are you covered by your home owners insurance if it burns down?

Why was there virtually no public discussion of the possible health effects and the rise in the local EMR smog? Why in a community needing jobs, are we getting rid of the feet on the street that provide many benefits not included in the economic model used to justify this mandate? Can we opt out of putting them on our house? Can we expect people to come live in a community with young children that is becoming an electronic cesspool? Verizon and ATT (the biggest pushers of 5G and the IOT) have been allowed to put new towers in our town, how are we going to respond when 5G and the Internet of things (IOT) shows up at our doorstep?

Do I really need my toaster to communicate with my garage door opener?

These are all vital questions we need to face and discuss as a community. Are we going to be a cesspool or a refuge for people seeking a clean healthy place to live. We need to be working towards becoming an oasis in a desert of pollution and insanity, an example to other small rural communities fast disappearing from the landscape.

These are not issues of having 'round abouts' on Date Street or not or how to help an Alzheimers patients. These are issues of Health, life/death and how our children will be able to meet their future.

An archive of research done over the years on the effect of biology on EMRs

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